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History of LST 494
LST 494`s keel was laid down on August 10, 1943 at Evansville, Indiana by Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Co.  She was launched on October 11, 1943 and   was  commissioned  on  December 18, 1943.   Command of the 494 was turned over to Lt. Irving C. Noyes of Colebrook, New Hampshire.  LST 494 was first assigned to the European Theater of War.  On March 10, 1944, she joined a 71 ship convoy (Convoy SC 155) and began her journey across the North Atlantic for England.
 The 494 departed Plymouth, England on June 5, 1944 and became part of the largest amphibious force in the history of warfare.  On D-Day, June 6, 1944, she made the initial assault on "bloody" Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy.  The 494 landed 378 men of the U.S. Army`s 26th Infantry Regiment from the 1st Infantry Division.   Anti-aircraft fire from the  494 helped  down a German Messerschmitt over the invasion beachhead.  The ship continued to support the invasion forces through mid-July 1944, by bringing in reinforcements and by operating as a hospital ship carrying wounded servicemen back to England.
Ist Infantry Division
"Big Red One"
The 494 was then ordered to travel through the Straits of Gibraltar for service in the Mediterranean and North Africa.  On August 12, 1944, the 494 departed Naples, Italy and  joined an allied fleet for the invasion of Southern France.  The 494 landed  troops of the U.S. Army`s 45th Infantry  Division  on  French soil on August 15, 1944.  Several large  German shells hit close to the 494 during the invasion, but fortunately missed their mark.
45th Infantry
LST 494 arrived back in the United States in December 1944.  She was re-fitted in order to serve as a supply ship for small mine craft.  She was then assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater of  War.  Command of the ship was turned over to Lt. Frank Van Deren Coke.  After traversing the Panama Canal, the 494 left Seattle, Washington on April 15, 1945 for Pearl Harbor, Entiwetok and Guam.  The next leg of her journey was to Tinian and Saipan. In June 1945, she participated in the latter stages of the fierce, kamikaze plagued assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto.  The 494 performed occupation duty in the Far East and saw China service immediately after the war.
Upon her return to the United States, she was decommissioned on June 29, 1946 and struck from the Navy list on August 28th of that same year.  On August 12, 1948, the 494 was sold to Bosey, Philippines.
USS LST 494 proudly earned three battle stars for her gallant service in World War II.
Normandy                       Southern France                Okinawa-Gunto
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